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What is a Diploma?

Students who have sat for their SPM results will typically opt for a diploma programme as their next chapter in laying down the foundation needed for their career pathway. A diploma is awarded to a student by a Higher Education Institution in Malaysia for completing and passing the examination in a student’s chosen course of studies, such as a Diploma in MarketingDiploma in Information TechnologyDiploma in Hotel Management, and more.

Many private higher education institutions in Malaysia encourage students to take private diploma courses to prepare them for future jobs with knowledge in their chosen industry. From an employer’s perspective, a diploma graduate will be a better choice to secure a job as it will show that the candidate has achieved the qualification required for a certain level of proficiency in the chosen field.

Why Study Diploma at Kolej MDIS Malaysia?

Kolej MDIS Malaysia, a private education institution in Educity Iskandar Puteri, Johor, offers affordable, homegrown private diploma programmes in Business, Information Technology, Mass Communication, Tourism, and many more!  

These homegrown diploma courses are a good platform for a student to either advance to a degree programme later or set the foundation required for a career. All diplomas, including part-time diploma courses offered at Kolej MDIS Malaysia, are industry-focused and provide a lifelong learning pathway for career advancement.

Diploma students at Kolej MDIS Malaysia have the opportunity to live and learn in a vibrant learning environment as its iconic campus sprawls over 30 acres and accommodates a state-of-the-art infrastructure, WiFi connectivity campus-wide, fully equipped classrooms, lecture theatres, computer labs, multi-purpose halls, auditorium, sporting facilities, ample parking, 24/7 security and a full-fledged hostel on campus.

In addition to this, with MDIS global campuses in Singapore, Tashkent, Dushanbe and Iskandar Puteri, Kolej MDIS Malaysia students can benefit from a truly global and transnational education, choosing to study in different geographical locations and interacting with different nationalities and cultures.

Kolej MDIS Malaysia’s diploma courses strongly focus on preparing a knowledgeable, skilful and competent potential workforce according to the latest demands of industries and individual interests.

As a heritage and trusted brand providing quality education since 1956, MDIS will continue to contribute significantly to the development of global talents in meeting the needs of businesses and industries of the Malaysian economy.

Diploma Courses Admissions Requirements

Most diploma course admission requires a pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with at least credit in three (3) subjects, including Mathematics or other related equivalent qualifications.

Duration of the Diploma Courses at Kolej MDIS Malaysia

The diploma courses in Kolej MDIS Malaysia are two years and five months. All the diplomas are well structured and have a mixture of examinations and coursework. The diploma students can learn and develop valuable skills through hands-on learning, assignments, projects and industrial training.

Find Out About Kolej MDIS Malaysia Diploma Courses – MQA Accredited Diplomas

Committed to high standards of quality education and dedicated qualified lecturers imbued with academic and relevant industry experience, Kolej MDIS Malaysia’s homegrown diplomas are all accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) – A Malaysian statutory body established under the Malaysian Qualifications Act 2007 to accredit academic programmes in higher education and facilitate recognition and clarification of qualifications. 

With its industry-focused homegrown diplomas courses available, Kolej MDIS Malaysia prepares students for future careers. From its School of Business and Management, Diplomas in Business Management, Finance, Accounting, International Business and Marketing are offered to students that meet the essential qualifications criteria. 

Whatever your choice is, Kolej MDIS Malaysia has many diploma options to choose from. For more information on diplomas at Kolej MDIS Malaysia, visit us at 

Alternatively, you can reach out to us via   

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a diploma course take?

A full-time diploma course in Malaysia usually takes between 24 to 30 months to complete. As a diploma is structured to be more well-rounded with a mixture of coursework and examinations, students will be able to explore their diploma courses and develop valuable skills through various assignments, projects and industrial training.

2. What can I do after my diploma?

Students can enter directly into the working world after completing their diploma as they would be qualified and prepared to work in their desired fields. Alternatively, students can opt to pursue a related degree course. With a diploma certification in hand, they would be able to enter into Year 2 of a bachelor’s degree if they meet the admission criteria

3. Why should I take a diploma course?

A diploma course is a more cost-effective alternative compared to pre-university and foundation programmes. Additionally, students can gain a faster entry into the workforce as a diploma course provides all the necessary knowledge, skills and training required to enter into the student’s desired field. In general, diploma courses have ensures that every student gets the opportunity to further their studies in tertiary education.

4. A diploma course is most suited for whom?

While everyone is eligible to study in a diploma course, it is most suited for students who have set their minds on a particular industry that they would like to enter. A diploma course would be able to provide the practical and hands-on skills which are required for a student to excel in their chosen career field. It will also allow the student to gain job experience before deciding on pursuing their degree.

Since MQA-accredited diploma courses are qualified for PTPTN Loan, it has become an ideal pathway for those who have limited financial resources to pursue their dreams.

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