Our foundation-level programmes strongly emphasise preparing a knowledgeable, skiful and competent workforce suited for emerging industries.

A foundation course is a programme that serves to prepare students for an undergraduate degree at a university. Studying a foundation course will help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed to pursue a degree at the university later on. It can also be viewed as a means for those who require additional English language support. A foundation year is a pre-university programme that bridges the gap if students are yet to be qualified to enter Bachelor’s degree. It delivers a broad introduction to subjects of their choice and helps them gain valuable academic insights, study and English language skills. Kolej MDIS Malaysia is one of the few higher education institutions that offer foundation courses in Johor Bahru, Malaysia; specifically foundation in business.


How to Apply

Fill in the Online Application Form and submit with the required documents.

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If your application is successful, we will issue an Offer Letter to you and email it to you within 5 working days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a foundation course take?
  • Generally, a foundation course in Malaysia is designed as a three-semester programme — typically a short 1-year preparatory course — which constitutes academic modules and core modules on students’ chosen subject. It is also considered one of the shortest pre-university programmes. 
What can I do upon completion of my foundation studies?
  • After successfully completing a foundation course in Malaysia, students can continue to pursue their degree courses in the field of their interest, which serves to prepare them for their future careers. Do note that a foundation certification does not suffice for one to step into the working world just yet, as the skills and knowledge attained at that time are only at the introductory level. Students are advised to pursue a university degree that allows them to further enhance their competency and participate in an internship programme that provides them with first-hand industry experience. 
Why should I take a foundation course?
  • A foundation course in Malaysia allows students to gain an understanding of their field of interest before progressing to the full three-year degree programme. In terms of subject knowledge, they are introduced to the entirety of the context in a bird’s eye view and gain the skills needed for a higher-level study such as academic essay writing, critical thinking and public speaking, amongst other transferable skills. 
To whom is a foundation course most ideal?
  • Apart from SPM and O-Levels school leavers, a foundation year can offer a supportive environment for those who’ve been out of education for a few years and are anxious about embarking on a university degree. It is made for everyone regardless of age. This presents students with a fantastic opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals.

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