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Find out how you can get involved with social activities through your Student Representative Council (SRC).

You can also join one of our student clubs and societies

Student PTPTN loan will be withheld if: 

[1] the GPA results fell below 2.00 (Diploma) and result failed (Degree) for the latest final exam; 

[2] student is suspended from study or deferment of study; 

[3] bank account not active.

Technical support is available Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

Currently, the wireless covers the whole campus area.

All that is required is a device with a built-in or external wireless adapter.  The campus wireless network will appear in the wireless configuration utility on your laptop. Please contact MIS for the required password.

There are 3 intakes per year as below:

Diploma Programme (January, April and September)

Degree Programme (February, June, September)

Yes, we have a licensed and registered counsellor who has many years of counselling experience.

Students are welcome to talk to the Students Services Unit, Head of School, Programme Coordinator, or Lecturer, about any concerns that you may have. All issues will be resolved expeditiously in the strictest confidence.

They will fill in a ‘Counselling Referral Form’ for you, and the counsellor will contact you soon to set up a counselling session.”

View the Academic Calendar to find out on the Examination Week.

 View the Timetable posted on Notice Board, Social Media and email sent for details on date, time and locations of your exam.

A course might not appear in your final examination timetable because:

  • There’s no final examination for that course. Check with your course lecturer for assessment details
  • there’s an issue with your enrolment in that course
  • there’s an error in the timetable.

You should email to examunit@mdis.edu.my if there are any missing courses. The exam will be added once the Exam Unit confirms that the exam should be scheduled.

Changes can occur to the timetable, therefore please ensure that you recheck your exam details prior to your examination(s).

If there are any changes, you will be informed through notice board, email and social media. (Stay alert)

  • You should email examunit@mdis.edu.my to see if there are clash in the time table.
  • Once it is checked that there is clash, the necessary amendment will be made and the new timetable will be posted at the notice board, email and social media. (Stay alert)
  • You are expected to complete all of your Final exams at the scheduled time.
  •   For Diploma and Foundation level, you should bring your Student ID and Exam Docket to the exam venue.
  •   For Degree level, you should bring your student ID to the exam venue.

Acquire reprint the exam docket from the library if you do not bring it. Remember to bring the softcopy with you. Refer to the library on the charges imposed.

A Provisional Result means your courses result isn’t finalised yet.

Your result may be withheld because:

  •   The course is conducted cross-semesters; thus, the result has not been completed.
  •   Course results that have not yet been approved in the Exam Board Meeting.


Students will receive the confirmed Statement of Result for the Bangor degree program after completing the one-year course, and the Exam Board meeting has endorsed the results.

  • Your Statement of Result will be sent via email to your MDIS email.
  • Notice on result release will be posted on the Notice Board and Social Media. (Stay Alert)
  • You will receive your results one week after the Exam Board Meetings.
  • Exam Board Meeting details are as in Academic Calendar received.
  • You should Complete the Resit Exam Form and submit it to Central Registry Unit within one week after the final examination result is released. A resit fee of RM150 will be imposed for each course, and the fee must be paid before the resit exam commences.
  • The conduct of Resit Exam differs from programme. Refer to the respective programme Academic Calendar for further details

You must maintain class attendance of at least 80% and attain satisfactory academic performance (CGPA > 2.0) in the enrolled course in order for your visa to be renewed without difficulties.