The Student Hostels are equipped with solar panels and rain water catchment tanks on the roofs as well as “green walls” on the sides of the buildings.

The square openings on the facades of the Student Hostels are provided to break the monotonous architectural tone of the buildings but also allowing wind to flow freely through the buildings, thereby creating a wind tunnel effect.

There are three types of rooms available; Single Bed, Double Bed and Triple Bed. Cost range from RM450 to RM 950

The rooms are fitted with furniture in modular forms comprising of study tables, beds and cabinets. 

Following are the facilities provided in the Student Hostels.
a. Student lounge – one each for male and female block, with TV set, tables and chairs
b. Study room – one each for male and female block with shared tables and individual cubicles
c. Prayer room at each Student Hostel
d. Pantry – two on each Student Hostel, one for halal and the other for non-halal food consumption
e.Communal area – for students to rest, study and interact

Short Term Accommodation

The following Hotels cater for students and visitors to the college on a short and medium term basis. Most cater for individuals as well as families. You will need to contact them directly. 

Students who are arranging for long term accommodation can share with other students to stay at the following hotels while looking for preferred accommodation while studying at  Kolej MDIS Malaysia.